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October 16, 2005



good one! looking forward to the other three

Colin Darling

When I used to hear the phrase 'Follow the Way' I defaulted to ... OK I've got to work out where I am and where to go and how to get started. It might also be useful to do a bit of work of what I might need on the way and who if anybody might be going that way with me.

More and more now when I consider the phrase 'Follow the Way' I am wanting to explore that presence . . . and so in that sense I connect very much to your last paragraph, Caroline. Anne and I have been thinking about this today. Our future could be sooo busy. How do we balance opportunity and gifting, and vacating space to enable others in their gifting as well as out own "all these things shall be added".

Yet it seems that the more still I am enabled to be - the more I seem to see of an otherness in my experience.

Which sounds great but doing some transcript analysis including of my own voice and speech I have realised how stilted, disjointed, how unrestful my talking and it seems thinking is. " I er . . i . . uh . . " seems to be a sign of a lack of quiet and rest at a deep level.

And that seems to connect to distractions from the Way and of knowing how to be in him. We are told that the kingdom of heaven comes / opens up in a kind of littleness. I have noticed that it is often the ones who are not generally recognised as great who by their very being or presence ask questions of me in a way that the people who are great enough to ask hard (in many ways) questions do not.

I am pretty sure they have not learned that . . . but by attending to a different way they have become different.

The presence that makes a difference?

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